Monday, February 23, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Animals - Sheep

It is time to end another NCC theme!  As February comes to a close so does the animal theme.  I was going to end the theme with a mystical animal but last week I kept seeing all the manicures for Chinese New Year.  Plus I kept thinking about the last time I did an animal theme, there was one design I loved.  So in honor of Chinese New Year I am recreating my Sheep manicure. 

I decided to go in a different direction with my base this time.  Who doesn't love glitter?!  I applied three coats of KBShimmer The Dancing Green.

I added my fluffy sheep bodies using a dotting tool and Eyes White Open.

For their heads I used Stark Raven Mad. The entire time I added them I kept thinking something was wrong.  My heads are not supposed to be perfect circles.  Oh well! They still look cute.

I used Eyes White Shut to start the eyes and my smallest dotting tool.

I felt that my fluffy little sheep needed blue eyes! Using the smallest dotting tool again and Sky Jinks they all got blue eyes.

I love my cute little sheep!


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