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Yoffee Simon & Tom Callus Removing Gel Review

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I have different type of review for you today.  But it is kind of related to nail polish, in a pedicure kind of way.  One of the best parts of a pedicure is having all the dry skin removed from your heals.  They use special callus removers that do a much better job than the ones you buy at the pharmacy.  I have one to share with you today that is better than the pharmacy ones.

Warning: Pictures of Foot

I have a review of Simon & Tom Callus Remover.

For about $32 you get a 3.4 fl. oz. tube of the gel and a metal scrapper.  Yes, I agree that is a bit pricey. If you are going to spend that kind of money it better work.

Product information and directions:
Simon&Tom Home pedicure kit is a foot peeling gel to transform cracked heels and unsightly calluses with the Moroccan Argan oil.
Your feet will be Soft, Clean and beautiful within minutes without using razors or any electric devices that might harm your skin !
This callus removing gel will replace the dirt from the depth of the foot’s skin with Vitamin E, and will make the foot feel fresh and clean.
Now you can have your Pedicure treatment at home, without going nowhere, Within 60 seconds !
All you have to do is apply the gel, wait 60 seconds and clean the callus with the metal scrapper!

My before shot.  As you can see, my heels weren't that bad.  Just a touch of dry skin.

I followed the directions listed on the back of the box.
I soaked my feet for a few minutes in warm water.  Then I applied the gel with a gloved hand.  I let the gel sit for about one minute.  I used the metal scraper to remove the gel and any dry skin.  My dry skin didn't scrap off like I was thinking it would but I did notice that the gel was no longer clear.  I thoroughly washed off the rest of the gel with soap and warm water.  Lastly, I dried my foot.
The Results:

As you can see, the dry skin that was on my foot is no longer visible.  There is still slight color difference indicating that the callused skin is still there.  My foot does feel soft and smooth.  I would like to see how it would work on extremely dry heels.  
In all honesty,  due to the price this is not a product I would buy.  I can't justify spending the that much when I can pay less for a good pedicure.  But it is a good product and will soften your dry heels.

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  1. Not something I would buy either because of the price.


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