Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Color Club Love Tahiry Review/Swatches

Press Sample

I have a whole bunch of new Color Club lacquers to share with you!  When the box of goodies arrived I was surprised with the amount.  It took me awhile to get it all swatched but I finally have them!  I will break up the collections so I don't overload the post.  First up is the Love Tahiry Collection.

Seal It With A Kiss - strawberry scented, soft, creamy peach.  A little streaky in two coats but wearable.  It is a tad washed out in the photo.

Sweet Getaway - rose scented, hot pink polish.  Not fully opaque but wearable in two coats.  It is a little washed out in the photo, so expect a bright pink in person. 

Tall Dark and Handsome - cologne scented, dark grey polish.  Fantastic coverage in two coats.

50 Shades of Love - silver and red hearts.  I used the fish and dab method to apply each heart.  I am not a fan of this glitter, I just don't like the way it looks.  But it could be good for certain types of nail art.  I also noticed that the red was coming off the hearts.

On Cloud Nine - white chocolate scented white polish.  I had high hopes for this polish.  You know I am a sucker for white.  I applied two coats and found the formula to be streaky.  I added a third and it all evened out.  I love the finish, I just wish it was opaque in two.

Jitters - fine colorful glitter.  The scent is bubbly...not sure what that is supposed to smell like.  It is the perfect glitter for gradients.

Red-Handed - cinnamon scented, classic red polish.  Great coverage in two coats.

This is a fun collection of lacquers and glitters.  From classic to bright colors you can create some awesome manicures!


  1. Great swatches! Love what you did with the glitter gradient.

  2. My heart glitter I got from this collection was bleeding, too. Really lame.


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