Friday, March 20, 2015

Color Club Shift Into Neutral Collection Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Today I have another new collection from Color Club.  Today's collection is Shift Into Neutral, which you should be able to tell is a nude/neutral collection.  Overall I think there are some really great shades in this collection.  

First, a fun dry brush I created using the collection.

Sweet Mint - muted mint green with a very subtle shimmer.  I applied two coats and found that it was a little streaky.

Barely There - gorgeous sheet nude.  I applied two coats.

Blank Canvas - thin white.  I applied two coats and it was thin and streaky.  A third coat would be needed to even out this white.

New-Tral - soft muted pink.  I'm not always a pink fan, but I love this shade.  Great coverage in two coats.

Get A Mauve On - nude-mauve.  I thought it would be sheer but it applied perfectly in two coats.  Nice classic shade.

Midnight Mulberry - gorgeous dark and dusty purple.  Applied two flawless coats.

Blush Crush - soft, sheer peach.  I love this soft and pretty sheer!  I applied two coats.

And my dry brush.

Yes, some of the shades were a tad streaky, which isn't surprising with those colors.  With that said these are great classic shades for those that like them.  They are also great palette cleansers or nail art bases.  Remember nail art and glitter hides any imperfection!

You can pick these shades up, and others, at for $8.50. 


  1. Sweet Mint and Midnight Mulberry are my favorites!

  2. The nail art looks cool. Very nice every day neutrals these are too.

  3. Que máximo as suas unhas ela hoje estar la no blog da uma passadinha.

  4. I am obsessed with the nail art look you created with these!


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