Monday, March 23, 2015

Some SinfulColors For Spring - Swatches/Review/Nail Art

Press Sample

Are you like me and dying for Spring to finally start?  I know that Spring officially started Friday but it would be really great if it would warm up a little, some flowers would start popping up and the trees would start blooming.  Heck, I spent the first day of Spring in a snow storm! If I have to wait for Spring to actually start at least I have some great Spring colors to wear!

Today I have a selection of fun and bright shades from SinfulColors, perfect for Spring or Summer!

Prized Plume - opalescent blue.  Very sheer.  More of an effect top coat instead of polish.  This is two coats.

Zest of Times - sheer pink "citrustwist".  I applied two coats and you can see the sheer-ness.  You can also see the shimmer of this polish.  Also more of an effect top coat than polish.

Ring the Belini - bright orange "citrustwist".  Tad more opaque but still sheer.  I applied two coats of this fun, juicy polish.

Petal Be the Day - blue and purple glitter.  I thought that these "bloomblast" glitters would be more opaque.  I applied two coats and you can see that they are more of a glitter topper than polish.

Standing Bloom Only - yummy, orange glitter topper.  A tad more opaque.  I applied two coats.

Seeing that all of these lacquers were so sheer I decided to use a white base to create some nail art.  This also shows off the colors better.  I also thought this would be the right time to try the "blobbicure" technique I've been seeing everywhere.  I love how it turned out.  It has a citrus-y feel and look just like the polish intended.

To highlight the colors of the glitters I did a simple half and half design.  Lastly, I add a thin French with Prized Plume.

I love the bright, summery feel of this design and over white these shades really pop!  Even though they are very sheer, the application was smooth. 

Check out the SinfulColor links to see more of these shades and others in the collections!


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