Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Nature - Forest Floor

Did you know that I am obsessed with British TV?  Ok maybe not all shows but England, you sure do know how to make good TV!  Why else would my country steal them and attempt to recreate them?  "Attempt" is the key word.  America takes a fantastic British show and butchers it.  Mostly recently, Broadchurch.  One of the most amazing shows, and not only because of David Tennant. (Excuse me while I wipe off the drool.)  Which brings me to the point of my story.  I was inspired by an image in season two of Broadchurch.  If you are a fan like me, you will remember the image and scene in the forest with all the bluebells.  Beautiful!  Here is my take!

I started with two coats of Lillian.  Isn't this a great blue?!?!

I added my trees using a striping brush and Claire.  After messing up my pinkie I figured out how to make trees!  Instead of adding a bunch of little branches, it looks much better doing long lines with the occasional branch.  I have been trying to master trees forever!  

I added the dark parts of my flowers first using Margo and a nail art brush.  I just randomly swiped the polish.  After awhile I figured out a swipe technique that I liked.

Using the same technique I added the highlights to the flowers using Leslie.

Lastly, I added my greenery.  Again I used the same technique and Tilda.

Everything smoothed out with my top coat.

I really wanted to push myself this week with some freehand designs.  As you might know, freehand is the bane of my existence!  I get so stressed out trying to create designs.  I am slowly learning that my crazy, abstract freehand designs are actually kind of nice.  Hey, they are MY designs and if I like them that's all that matters.  Creating this design was a huge milestone for me.  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!

Check out these amazing designs!


  1. Lovely! You might have just talked me into trying out that show. Now I have something to do on the weekend :-)

  2. Great blog♥

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    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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  3. I love this look. The pallet is great. I don't know the show, but I'm curious!

  4. Awesome! I can't free hand; its why I stamp lol!

  5. Beautiful mani! You probably think the UK makes a lot of good TV cos you don't get to see many of our shows. Most of them are dire!

  6. I am not familiar with the show (although I am always looking for new series!) but I am obsessed with this look!

  7. This is absolutely awesome! So bright and beautiful

  8. I'm totally obsessed with British tv, too! The American versions are never as good

  9. Broadchurch as inspiration AND a beautiful finished mani? Perfect!

  10. I completely love these. The inspiration is awesome too!

  11. Very pretty...you kicked free-hand's butt! <3

  12. Amazing free-hand! And points for Broadchurch! :)


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