Friday, March 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Nature - Sunrise/Sunset

Time for my last Nature design!  I am a little sad to see this week end.  I have been so proud of my freehand designs this week.  I accomplished many things that I never thought I would.  Bonus is that I feel more confident creating freehand designs!

Which leaves today's design.  I saved this design for last because I got so frustrated I stopped before I finished the whole design.  But I love the colors and look so much I had to share it.  The cause of all my frustration was the clean up.  It was the worst!

I started with one coat of Milani Spotlight White.  My thought was that the white base would help my colors pop.  If I had started with the blue base the lighter color would not show as well.

In order to save clean up time I applied a good coating of Cinema Swatch That's A Wrap.  Then I went to town adding my gradient.  I used Misa Foggy Breath at 3AM, Winter Bluesy Blues and Silly Daffodils.  Perfect colors for any sunrise or sunset.

I pulled off the pink stuff and my cuticles were flooded.  Blue flooded cuticles are not easy to clean up.  The blue was so far under my cuticles I was ruining my gradient trying to clean it up.  I got it as clean as I could and gave up.    

Even though I was so frustrated, I still really like the colors and the gradient.  I'll have to work on this!

I hope you enjoyed this week as much as me!  Make sure you stop by and visit the other ladies!


  1. Really nice sunset/sunrise gradient this is.

  2. Very creative!

    I've know what you're talking about; I've had the same thing happen!

  3. I love this color combo! So pretty!

  4. fantastic! beautiful gradient!

  5. I love the colors in this gradient!

  6. I feel your pain. I love blue polish. But cleanup is an issue. I think this is great though. I love the colors together.

  7. It's a beautiful gradient. I feel your pain over the clean up.

  8. I love the colors together! Sad day, this is one of the reasons I don't like blue polishes!

  9. If I use black, blue or red in a gradient, I only use it at the tip end. I refuse dark colours at cuticles now. Lol. Lovely gradient though.


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