Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Clubbing Girl Nail Polish Review

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Today I am reviewing some polish from Clubbing Girl.  I was unfamiliar with this company when they contacted me, so of course I went over to their site to check them out.  Nail polish is just a small part of their company.  They also sell a wide variety of stuff including clothing, jewelry and hair extensions.  As you can probably guess they target the "clubbing girl".  I don't exactly fit into that category, but hey...nail polish!

First up is this amazing purple, Bottle Service Girl.  The first thing I noticed with this polish was a very strong odor.  I was concerned, however when I used it a couple more times the odor was not as strong.  So..not sure what that was.  The formula with this polish is fantastic.  I applied two coats but it was opaque in one.  I have used it for stamping and it was perfect.  Like I said, amazing purple!

Sexy DJ - pretty, sheer turquoise.  This is such a pretty shade.  I applied two squishy coats.  As you can see it is quite sheer.  This will be a good polish for nail art, especially leadlighting.

2am Dance Party - black and white glitter mix.  This was a tad disappointing.  In the picture it looks like a great glitter, however there were two problems.  First, the formula was very thick making it difficult to apply.  This could be solved by adding a small amount of thinner.  I applied one coat and it took a lot of dabbing to get it to look like this.

The second problem was the curving glitter.  As you can see, the bar glitter curves up off the nail.  This might not bother you but I find it annoying.
These two sure do look nice together.  Too bad the glitter was a bummer.

Clubbing Girl is currently having a sale, if you are looking to add a few to your collection.  I highly recommend Bottle Service Girl!

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  1. Never heard of them before but they look like they make some really nice cremes. That black and white glitter is lovely too.


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