Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Color Club Ticket to Paradise Minis Swatches and Review

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I'm back with my last Color Club review!  Betcha didn't think I would be back so soon!  Especially after last weeks long silence.  I am actually in the mood to do some blogging and I can get more of my reviews posted.

I will disappoint you with this post.  I just have swatches, no nail art.  But you won't be too heartbroken still get to see nail polish!

  Today's Color Club review is the Ticket to Paradise Mini Kit.

Frozen Daiquiri - gorgeous berry, red.  Fantastic coverage and formula.  I applied two flawless coats.  It really is a great color!

Tiny Umbrella - pretty, sheer peach shimmer.  For a sheer polish the application was quite good.  I applied two smooth coats.

Sea-ing Blue - beautiful, sheer blue shimmer.  This is a great color but it is thin.  I would have liked it to be more opaque.  I applied two coats and other than being sheer the application was good.

The Islands - extremely, sheer green shimmer.  I love this color in the bottle but it is so thin it would take numerous coats to achieve the same look.  This was the biggest disappointment in the set.  I applied two coats.  

You could enhance the color and lessen the application with a white base.  These will make great accents for nail art.
This Mini Kit is available at for $12.95.

I REALLY miss my long nails!  It seems like they only get this long once during the year and then they start breaking and peeling.  I have been trying to regrow them but they don't want to cooperate.  Looks like I will be rocking my nubbins for awhile.  But you have to admit I make nubbins look good! 

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