Friday, April 17, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Childhood - Mr. Rogers

It is time to wrap up Childhood week with one more design!  My last design is inspired by a true role model.  Someone that constantly reminded you that you are special and loved.  Someone that showed you what it meant to treat others with kindness and that being different wasn't a bad thing.  
Mr. Rogers!

In honor of this fine man, I recreated his famous red sweater.

I started with two coats of Blood Orange.

To add the sweater pattern I used Unequivocally Crimson and MoYou London Fashionista 02.

I decided to leave off the top coat in order to maintain the textured look of a sweater.


  1. Love this - very Pittsburgh too ;-)

  2. I loved Mr. Rogers!!! Nice mani ;0).

  3. what a beautiful tribute - love that you distilled this all to his jumper xx

  4. I guess I was more into Mr. Dressup than Mr. Rogers; that could be a Canadian thing lol!


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