Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Childhood - Mulberry Tree

After yesterday's post you probably think I spent my childhood in the library.  I did, but I also spent a lot of time running around with my friends.  I spent most of my afternoons and summers on Mulberry Way, playing and hanging out.  Yep, you guessed it! There was a mulberry tree on Mulberry Way.  The perfect snack while having fun playing with your friends.  

The mulberry tree represents time spent having fun with your friends not worried about "adult" problems. When you biggest concerns were what to do next.  We didn't have to worry about being out all day or bad things happening.  It reminds me that growing up when and where I did was pretty awesome.  Those carefree days were some of the best of my life!

My mulberry tree nails:

I started with two coats of Zoya Blu.

I added my branches using my thinnest striping brush and Tilda.

For the green sections of my branches I mixed Emilia and Hunter.  Again, I used my thinnest striping brush to apply them.

Using a small dotting tool, Monica and Veronica I added my ripe and unripe mulberries.

Lastly, I added some leaves using a nail art brush and Emilia and Hunter.

I am pretty proud of how these turned out!  It looks like a rustic fruit pattern.  I think I might be improving my freehand art!

Make sure you stop by and see what the other ladies are creating!


  1. Very nice freehanded Mulberry Tree this is!

  2. That's such a sweet memory with perfect art to go with it!

  3. Those carefree days were brilliant - it's a shame that so many kids don't get to experience the same these days.

  4. I love mulbery trees; in fact I have one in my front yard. The berries are sooo good...when the birds leave any!

  5. This reminds me of china patterns. Phenomenal freehand skills.

  6. These are beautiful, and such a sweet inspiration :)

  7. Its so pretty! What a sweet tribute :)

  8. You painted the mulberry tree perfectly! It looks really pretty!

  9. These are perfect. What a great mani. Love it.


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