Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Barielle Glitter Mania Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Did I get your attention??  Who doesn't love a little sparkle, especially new glitter collections!  Today I have one part of the two part glitter collection that Barielle released for Spring. Mine is Glitter Mania.  No sense wasting time talking about it, let's get the show on the road!

Confetti - matte multi-glitter.  This is my favorite mix in the collection.  I love the colors.  I swatched and dabbed it over Panama Pina Colada.  It was harder to apply than I would like.  The glitter did not want to stay were I wanted it.  I am willing to work with it though because I absolutely love it!

Princess Pink - pink glitter mix with hexes and squares.  I swatched and dabbed this glitter over Rain in Spain.  I did have decent coverage but there was pulling towards the top.  I do like the squares.

Gemstones - multi-colored, various size glitter mix.  I applied one fantastic coat over Gondola Ride.  There were no problems with this glitter.  I had great coverage and placement.

Orange Flame - orange hex glitter.  I really wasn't feeling this one.  I swatched and dabbed the glitter in an attempt to get good coverage.  I just don't like how it looks.  Maybe with a different color.

Mermaid's Fin - silver and blue glitter.  Another perfect application.  I applied one coat over Enduring.  The coverage was wonderful.  It also has a very Frozen-esque quality to it.  

For me, this was a collection of good and bad.  There were only two that I was really disappointed with and three that were brilliant!  
What do you think?

You can pick up these glitters and others at barielle.com.

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