Friday, May 8, 2015

KBShimmer 2015 Summer Lacquers Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Every time I get an email from KBShimmer about a new collection I get extremely happy and excited!  As one of my favorite indie companies, that never seems to disappoint, I can't wait to try out the newbies!  When I saw the press release for the Summer Collection my excitement level went through the roof!

I don't have the entire collection but I can share nine awesome Summer inspired lacquers.  Let's stop wasting time talking and look at some swatches!

We  Be Jammin - brilliant magenta with a bright blue shimmer and holo sparkle.  Yummy, juicy and gorgeous all came to mind while I was applying this lacquer.  I had flawless application in two coats.

Shell Shock - peachy-tan polish packed with copper, magenta and holo gold glitters.  I immediately thought of a beautiful sandy beach when I applied this lacquer.  The copper and magenta glitters made this a favorite!  I applied two coats and was very satisfied with the results.  The coverage was fantastic!  You can always add a nude or peach base to deepen the color.

Green Weaver - The Flakes - flakes of shade shifting rose and green with hints of purple.  I am typically not a fan of these types of lacquers but I had to try it.  I love the shifting green and pink.  The shades are remarkable!  I applied two coats without a base color.  The flakes are quite thick in the bottle but applied nicely on the nail. I did have a little trouble getting a good, clean cuticle line.  I don't think I would wear this on its own but I can see some really interesting nail art.

 Dust In the Bottle - holo top coat.  Northern Lights and Fairy Dust have some stiff competition with this top coat!  No shaking and amazing coverage in one coat....oh yes!  This is going to get a lot of use.  Shown over In Yacht Water.

In Yacht Water - gorgeous blue cream with a smidgen of aqua.  In the bottle this lacquer was looking a little chalky and I was worried, however that was not the case. I applied two creamy, flawless coats.  The lacquer did dry to an interesting rubber-like finish, which I kind of liked.  I added shine with Clearly On Top.  It is like beautiful, clear seas on your nails!

For Sail By Owner - amazingly, bright lime green.  I am so in love with this crazy bright lacquer!  A perfect color for the Summer, especially a bright pedicure.  This blinding green applied perfectly in two coats.

Bahama Drama - described as a neon peach cream. I would call this bright coral.  My photo is a little washed out.  Expect a deeper coral in person.  I absolutely love this color but the formula was a tad streaky.  I managed to get everything to even out in two coats but I will have to be careful with my application so I don't have to throw on a third coat.

Rum Me the Right Way - eye-searing bright yellow.  For me this was my first KBShimmer disappointment.  The formula with this lacquer was streaky.  I know that this is typical with most yellows so I tend to cross my fingers anytime I try out a new yellow.  I had to apply three coats to cover most of the streaks and I still had some showing.  This problem can be solved by applying it over a white base or covering the streaks with nail art.

Leggo My Mango - yummy, creamsicle orange.  This soft, bright orange is fantastic!  It was a little streaky while I was applying it but it evened out in the end.  I applied two coats.  Love this color!

So what do you think of this selection of the Summer Collection?
Even with the one disappointment, I love it!  I think I will be using these a lot for my Summer manicures.  
Stay tuned for next week when I feature some of these beauties during May's Digit-al Dozen week!

The KBShimmer Summer Collection will be available May 15 at, Amazon and select retailers and salons. 


  1. Some fun colors for Summer here. Great swatches of them too.

  2. These look beautiful on you- especially Shell Shock!

  3. Gorgeous nails, girl. Green Weaver and Bahama Drama are just the perfect nail paints for every season and event. However, Dust in the bottle would be a perfect party wear.


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