Friday, May 1, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Spring Flowers - Gradient Petals and NYC Strip Me Off Review

After my rush to get April's theme done I pushed myself to get a jump start on May's.  I am glad that I did because I ended up creating two designs that I am extremely pleased with.

May's theme is Spring Flowers.  A nice and easy theme!  
I am also including a review of the new NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat.  But it is a different review than you probably think!

I started with one coat of Marshmallow.  This was just to help the color pop so two coats wasn't necessary.

Instead of applying Strip Me Off on my nails I decided to see how it would work as a clean up tool.  It's just a glue base right??? So it should work??? I applied a good coating around my cuticles and let it dry.

Once the base coat was dry I added my gradient.  I used Birds, Pink Bikini and Sherbet to create the gradient.

Sooooo, Strip Me Off did not work as well as I had hoped.  It was actually crazy difficult to get off my skin.  It took me forever!
I also added my petals using UberChic 1-02 and Marshmallow.

It got to the point that I was ready to chuck the manicure and start over again.  But the gradient turned out so fantastic and I didn't want to.  I finally decided to try washing my hands.  It helped but I still had a lot to get off and it did a number on my cuticles.  Boo!

I finally got it cleaned up enough to finish the manicure.  I added a coat of Northern Lights for some sparkle.

So lesson learned..don't use Strip Me Off as a clean up tool!  Great for easy glitter removal not getting off your skin.  

Stop by and see the other amazing designs these ladies created!


  1. The gradient is so pretty! Bummer that it didn't work out as a clean up product and took you so long to clean up.

  2. Your mani turned out so pretty! It would have been a shame to ditch it because of that aggravating product! And now you (and we) know! Thank you for this review and the wonderful photos!

  3. Such a gorgeous gradient! Love it!

  4. Beautiful gradient! I've tried peel off coats around my nails and had the same issues, totally dried them out!


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