Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Spring Flowers and OPI Color Paint Review

Press Sample

I don't know if you are ready for this post!  Not only do I have my second design for this month's NCC theme I have a review of the new OPI Color Paints!

When I first heard about the new Color Paints I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  While people were trying to figure out what to do with this collection, I already knew how I was going to use them.  My hope was that these lacquers would be perfect for leadlighting.  I know there was some talk that they were too pigmented for this technique, but I refused to believe it.  It is better to try it and fail than to not have tried it at all!

I figured why not try them out with a nice flower stamp for the NCC May theme.

I started with two coats of Angel with a Leadfoot.  Nothing like a nice white base for leadlighting!

I used PUEEN SE01B and Black Onyx to add my flowers.  Aren't these flowers awesome?!

OPI sent this tool with the collection.  As you can see one end is a dotting tool and the other is a small nail art brush.  For some reason I had trouble get this brush to work for me.  I think I might thin it and try again.  I used the nail art brush I usually use with leadlighting.

I used the entire collection to color in my flowers.

The end result, before top coat.  These paints are marketed as "blendable" so I made sure to blend the colors on the petals.  I used Silver Canvas as an accent and the centers of each flower.  I applied it with the dotting tool end of the OPI tool.

And with the top coat!

These colors are crazy bright and perfect for leadlighting!  Yes, they are nicely pigmented but that just makes the colors pop.  I didn't have to go back over the colors like I normally do with jelly polish.  These are this bright with one application!  I highly recommend adding these to your collection!  I have a couple other ideas on how I want to use the Color Paints collection so stay tune for more nail art featuring them!

Stop by and see what the other ladies are creating!


  1. I just keep scrolling up and down, gawking at how much I *LOVE* this!

  2. The flowers came out stunning, I can not take my eyes of them. A lot of work, but it worth it!

  3. Holy crap! These are probably one of my favorite manis you have ever done! Gorgeous!

  4. And now I know why I should get those polishes! Your manicure turned out amazing.

  5. I love the colorful flowers :)

  6. That's an awesome use of sheer tints! The result is just perfect!


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