Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mesmerized Explorer

Today's design is one that I created just for fun.  Awhile back I had added some new Essie polish and MoYou London plates to the collection and I just wanted to play around with them.  I love what I came up with and maybe you will too!

I started with two coats of Baby's Breath.  This white is gorgeous!  It has this smooth, jelly-like finish that I love.  

I used MoYou London Explorer 22 and Mesmerized to add my design.  Just look at how clear this image stamped!  And the blue is awesome!

I decided to add some pops of color with Tart Deco and a dotting tool.

The design has this great summery, Mediterranean feel.  I love when messing around with new stuff ends up in a fantastic manicure! 


  1. I love your mani! That base polish is adorable - how do I not have that in my collection! And the blue, wow, it stamped so clearly, didn't wash out (great stamping on your part, also!). The dots you did really tied everything together in a fun way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, that Essie stamped great! I love how this almost has a painted-pottery type look to it. :)

  3. That blue stamped beautifully! I like this design and the pop of peach.

  4. I always love your stamping manis. The addition of the dots to this one was genius!


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