Monday, June 22, 2015

Pepper Pot Polish Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Hello All! Have you missed me??  Last week really got away from me.  It always seems to take me forever to get in the groove of being on Summer break.  I went through a period of not wanting to do anything and then trying to get tons of stuff done.  Add to that the burn out I have been feeling after every Digit-al Dozen week and I am worthless!  Maybe that is a tad harsh but true.  How about extremely lazy?!?!  I also have this HUGE review pile that doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.  I find it overwhelming sometimes.  Yeah, I know stop whining and get to the nail polish!

At the beginning of the year I read a news article about a new and upcoming indie polish company.  I was pretty interested and thought that I would have to check it out at some point.  Flash forward a few months and I received an email from the lovely creator asking to swatch some of her collection.  I love coincidences like this!   I am extremely excited to share a small selection of her Summer Valley Girl inspired collection! Ooops, I guess it helps if I share the name!  Here are some swatches of Pepper Pot Polish

Valley Girl - gorgeous lavender shimmer with hints of pink.  This color is awesome!  I love the shade and the formula was fantastic.  I applied two coats but it was almost opaque in one.  This makes me wonder if it would be a good stamper.  I'll have to test that out.  You will want to watch your brushstrokes because it will look a little wonky if you just slap it on.

No Duh - yummy, light green holo-y - gold shimmer.  Isn't this green awesome??  It is light and fresh, perfect for Summer!  The formula was thinner than Valley Girl, but as you can see flawless in two.  I just can't get over the freshness of this green.  Love it!

Like, Whatever - beautiful yellow-y - gold, holo-y shimmer.  I do realize that I am using a lot of nonsense wording for these descriptions.  They are just the best words to describe them! LOL!  This yellow screams 80s to me and I love it!  It's bright and dirty at the same time.  I kind of falls into the ugly polish color and you know how I feel about ugly colors.  My favorites!  This yellow applied perfectly in two coats, absolutely no streaking!

Totally Tubular - pink shimmer with matte neon squares and hexes.  You can't have an 80s movie inspired collection without some neon! This glitter is awesome! I wanted to you see the formula on it's own.  I applied two coat over bare nails.

As you can see, this glitter is more of a topper than stand alone polish. The application was good, but I did have to do some fishing for the larger blue glitter.

I decided to try it out over Like, Whatever.  I applied one coat and dabbed the blue glitter.  It looks pretty cool!  I need to see what it would look like over white.  I do have a neon theme coming up...

I absolutely LOVED all these lacquers!  The formulas were amazing and the colors are gorgeous!  I need to create some nail art with them, really show them off.  I should have taken photos of the design I created for my sister.  I did her nails on June 3 and she was still wearing Like, Whatever on Saturday. She did have some tip damage but the color was still going strong!  

I high recommend adding a few of these shades to your collection. You know you are looking for a neon glitter for Summer! I can even save you some money!  Use VALLEYGIRL for 20% off your order until June 30 or FREESHIP30 for free shipping on orders over $30 until August 31.

Head over to Pepper Pot Polish to check out her entire line! There are also cuticle oils and lip gloss!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It's always interesting to see new indie polishes!
    I can understand feeling overwhelmed at times, doing all the work you do for this blog. I hope you take the time you need to keep from feeling burned out and so you don't feel this blog is more work than fun. I hate that so many nail polish bloggers feel they have to maintain a schedule - to me, there is no more sure way that would make me hate what I felt I had to do! If something involving the blog is causing you stress, I say toss it!!! This is your blog, you should do it when you feel like it! (Okay, I admit it - I do not like those long drawn out Challenges. I wish they would just go away.)


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