Friday, June 12, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Fandom - Jane Austen

For my last fandom post I am going with a literature fandom.  I had originally planned to once again show my love for The Outlander series but I remembered that I just received some new stamping plates.  Images that would be perfect for this theme!

I have been a HUGE Jane Austen fan since I saw Pride & Prejudice as a teenager.  Yes, the one with Colin Firth! It put me on a path of reading the books and watching the movies.  My favorite Jane Austen novel is  Persuasion and I love the movie.  There is just something about that story that I love. 

 For all you Jane Austen fans, I present my last fandom design!

I started with two coats of Private Weekend.

I used Black Swift and my new MoYou Literature 01 plate to add Pride & Prejudice quotes.

I used Pomegranate and the same plate to add the images.

And my favorite quote from the 2005 movie!

I hope you have enjoyed Fandom Week as much as me!  Don't forget to stop by and visit the other ladies!


  1. Very nice. I really like these themed manicures and seeing what you come up with. It's fun.

  2. I'm always impressed when people are fans of classic literature because I have never been able to get into it myself. So I don't know Jane Austen's books but I can tell you did a great job with your inspiration here. They're lovely :-)

  3. Can you believe I've never once read an Austen novel or seen a movie based on it. Unless Pride, Prejudice & Zombies counts....

  4. Oh my nerves!! I loved Pride & Predjudice with Colin Firth and the hysterical mother of course. But I have actually never reed the book or any other Jane Austen books. Maybe it's about time I do that. Your manicure looks amazing!

  5. These are beautiful! I love how you layered the design over the text!

  6. These are so cute!! I love how you did this mani, your stamping is outstanding!

  7. I love how this turned out and the color scheme is gorgeous!

  8. These are really cute and romantic!


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