Monday, June 1, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Super Heroes and Villains - Wonder Woman

It is time for a new Nail Challenge Collaborative theme!  For June, the ladies will be creating designs inspired by Super Heroes and Villains.  I am extremely excited about this theme!  I have been on a Marvel marathon.  I found a guide to how your are supposed to watch the movies and shows and have been watching them for quite awhile.  I am currently in Season Two of Agents of SHIELD.  I love the Marvel movies and shows so I am super psyched to created some manicures inspired by them!

My first design is a throw back to childhood.  I loved watching Wonder Woman when I was a kid.  She was so amazing and I remember wishing I was like her.  I am pretty sure I made myself dizzy many times recreating her spin!  I couldn't pass up a chance to reminisce!

I started with two coats of Blood Orange.  Instead of taping off my nails and adding extra time to the design, I painted them halfway.

I added my bottom part using Cobalt Blue.  Again no taping just brushed it on.

I added my stars using Whiteout and MASH 49.  I tried to keep it on the blue, but as you will see it doesn't really matter.

I added her belt using Good As Gold and a nail art brush.  I could have taped off this section for neater lines but I decided to roll with freehand.  

I love how this turned out! It screams Wonder Woman!


  1. I love wonder woman too, and I like the design that you did.

  2. These look great; your nails are so long too!

  3. Great interpretation of a Wonder Woman mani! Wonderful (lol) design! She was my favorite also. I wanted those bracelets so much!

  4. The final look is very cool, and definitely Wonder Woman!

  5. these are awesome! great tutorial!


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