Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise Swatches and Review

Press Sample

It really isn't that often that I review a polish or product that I find to be a true disappointment.  I have had some formulas that are not the best but I know that I can at least use them for nail art.  I actually hate writing bad reviews and always try to find the positive in the product.  I think that in the almost four years that I have been blogging I can still count on one hand my bad reviews.  So you can probably guess were all this rambling is leading.  

I have five lacquers from Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise collection.  These are actually the first Miracle Gels that I have swatched.  I have been curious about them since they released.  Most of the no light gels I have used are nice and opaque with a decent formula.  I assumed that this is what I would experience with the Miracle Gels.  Not so much...

Morning Sunshine! - soft, subtle yellow.  With any yellow there is that chance that will be streaks.  It is a typical problem with yellow polish.  As a gel I was thinking that it might have some streaks but would settle in two.  Nope.  In two coats it was streaky and a third coat didn't help.  Horrible formula and application.

Rum Punch - bubblegum pink.  Typical pink formula.  Tad bit thin but wearable in two coats.  As you can see in the photo there is still some VNL.

Pink-A-Colada - peachy-pink sheer.  I was not expecting to see such a sheer polish in a gel collection.  I applied two coats and knew that it would take many more to achieve opacity.

Lip Palm - dusty teal.  This one had a slightly better formula and I do like the color.  I applied two coats and had a small bit of streaking.

Life's a Peach - bright coral.  Best formula of the bunch.  This one had the gel formula I expected from them all.  Nice pigmentation and good coverage.  I applied two coats.

These selections from the Poolside Paradise Collection were not what I expected.  Other than Life's a Peach, they did not have the no light gel formula I expected.  They were difficult to work with and the formula was not great.  

Sally Hansen is releasing a reformulated Miracle Gel Top Coat and shades, which I hope are better.  Stay tune for that review!

Let me know about your experience with Miracle Gel.  Was it better than mine?


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