Friday, July 31, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Traveling - Tropics and a Bundle Monster Review

Press Sample

I have another Traveling design for this month's NCC theme.  I decided to combine it with another review of the Bundle Monster Polynesian Tribal Set.  Just like the first plate I used, these are great!

I started with one coat of Sugar Cube.  I am covering most of it so a second coat wasn't necessary.

I randomly sponged Darcy, Yana and Thandie.

To add the images I used my Green Stamping Polish from Bundle Monster.

Here are the plates that I used.
 These plates are awesome! The images are creative and unique with interesting details.  They are etched perfectly allowing for flawless image pick up and transfer.  Plus these are all XL images which you ladies with longer nails will love.
 This is my favorite plate! Just look at all the possibilities with that buffet image.

These Bundle Monster Polynesian plates are great! If you are looking to add some fun plates to your collection you won't be disappointed with this set!


  1. Such cute tropical nails these are!

  2. Love the Polynesian print, but I really like how you sponged on the colors!


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