Monday, August 17, 2015

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Today I have a review of Sally Hansen Pearl Crush Collection.  Not the entire collection just four.  The Pearl Crush Collection consists of eight iridescent lacquers that contain  large, faceted glitter.  The idea is that the lacquers will add a 3D effect to your nails.  

I'm not a big fan of iridescent lacquers so I wasn't to excited about this collection.  But I am up for trying anything once! Overall the iridescent effect was quite pretty.

Shell & Tell - lilac iridescent shimmer.  I layered one coat over Rum Punch.  I found it very difficult to get the large glitter out of the bottle.

She Sells - pale, peachy-pink iridescent.  I layered one coat of Morning Sunshine!.  There was hardly any of the large glitters in this bottle.  I was thinking that maybe it wasn't supposed to have the large glitter in it and maybe some just worked their way in.  But in the press release the bottle is packed with them.  I was only able to fish out two.

Mer-Mint - sea-foam green iridescent.  I layered one coat over Pink-A-Colada.  This one had the most glitter but it was still hard to get it out of the bottle.  As you can see, it also liked to lump together, making placement an issue.  

Silver Scallop - silver iridescent.  I layered one coat over Lip Palm.  I did like the effect of this silver iridescent.  It is different and interesting.  I still had the same problem with the glitter.  Lots of fishing.

As I said, the iridescent is actually quite pretty.  Bonus, it only took one coat to add the effect.  Bad side is that I really dislike the glitter.  Not only is it hard to get out of the bottle I really don't like how it looks.  If you like the iridescent effect this is an affordable way to achieve it.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: This limited-edition Pearl Crush™ collection, SRP $5.99, is available beginning June 2015 at chain drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.


  1. I got the Silver Scallop & Oyster it Up at Target yesterday on clearance for $1.64 each. Haven't had a chance to use them yet, but at least now I know what I'm in for!

  2. Nice swatches. Not much of a fan of these though.


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