Friday, August 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Food - Aunt Petunia's Pudding

I am really sad to end my foods of Harry Potter week.  I have not felt this motivate to create designs and write posts in a very long time.  It was such a fun week!

I am ending the week with a contribution from Aunt Petunia.  I could have done many other food recreations from the Wizarding World but I chose Aunt Petunia's Pudding because it is connected to Dobby, other than Harry, my favorite HP character.   The build up and then conclusion of the scene is when the reader first meets Dobby.  Dobby who has only heard about Harry decides to do whatever he can to keep Harry safe.

"Harry moved gladly into the shade of the gleaming kitchen. On top of the fridge stood tonight’s pudding: a huge mound of whipped cream and sugared violets. A loin of roast pork was sizzling in the oven." (Chamber of Secrets)

If you have seen the movies you will notice that the description in the book is completely different than the movies.  I like the book description much better than that monstrosity that was in the movie.  I also think I should point out the "pudding" is the UK term for dessert.  Aunt Petunia did not actually make a bowl of pudding.  There are some out there that claim she made a strawberry trifle but it is never said in the book.

I also wanted to share this:
"Aunt Petunia’s masterpiece of a pudding, the mountain of cream and sugared violets, was floating up near the ceiling. On top of a cupboard in the corner crouched Dobby. 
“No,” croaked Harry. “Please . . . they’ll kill me. . . .” 
“Harry Potter must say he’s not going back to school —” 
“Dobby . . . please . . .” 
“Say it, sir —” 
“I can’t —” 
Dobby gave him a tragic look. 
“Then Dobby must do it, sir, for Harry Potter’s own good.” 
The pudding fell to the floor with a heart-stopping crash. Cream splattered the windows and walls as the dish shattered. With a crack like a whip, Dobby vanished." (Chamber of Secrets)

Do you notice the striking difference between the book and the movie?

I kept my design true to the book description.

I started with s Sugar Cube base.

My goal was to achieve the wisps of cream.  I thought that by using a matte like Alpine Snow, I could get the whippy look.  It was perfect until it dried.  I still had some "lumps" but I lost the overall effect.  I didn't let it deter me and continued on with my design.

I added my violets using A Grape Affair and BM713.

They are supposed to be sugared violets, so I used my smallest dotting tool and Pure Pearlfection to add a sugared effect.

 I added my HP accent using Fright Night and hehe30.  I decided to forgo a top coat for a more whippy pudding (dessert) look.

If you noticed, this is the one design that is out of order.  The reason is that we are ending the week with a Diner Hop.  Each one of us has created meals that you can get at a Diner.  Aunt Petunia's Pudding is part of the dessert list.  Here is the line up:

Come visit our Diner and see all the meals!


  1. I love your interpretation! I'm also glad you stuck with the book interpretation, in my opinion the books were FAR better than the movies. You're making me want to reread so badly!

  2. I love that you added Harry Potter to this Digital Dozen theme! And what a great dish to end it with!
    I hadn't noticed how the pudding was changed for the movie until you pointed it out, guess reading the books only twice shows ;)

  3. I'm loving the HP theme! These are cute!


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