Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Food - Mrs. Weasley's Breakfast

Today's foods of Harry Potter design is a tad less magical.  I thought it was important to highlight the importance of food in the series.  Harry has grown up in a house were he only receives scraps of food and is often times left hungry.  Upon entering the world of magic he has access to all the food he could ever want or desire.  When he purchased one of everything from the train trolley, not only did he enjoy trying everything he was excited to be able to share food with someone else.  Yes, he has access to TONS of food at Hogwarts, where the plates are never empty, but he has never been in a situation where someone is personally filling his plate like a loving mom or grandma.  Not until he visits the Burrow for the first time.

 "Mrs. Weasley was clattering around, cooking breakfast a little haphazardly, throwing dirty looks at her sons as she threw sausages into the frying pan. Every now and then she muttered things like “don’t know what you were thinking of,” and “never would have believed it.”
 “I don’t blame you, dear,” she assured Harry, tipping eight or nine sausages onto his plate. “Arthur and I have been worried about you, too. Just last night we were saying we’d come and get you ourselves if you hadn’t written back to Ron by Friday. But really” (she was now adding three fried eggs to his plate), “flying an illegal car halfway across the country — anyone could have seen you —”
 She flicked her wand casually at the dishes in the sink, which began to clean themselves, clinking gently in the background. 
“It was cloudy, Mum!” said Fred. 
“You keep your mouth closed while you’re eating!” Mrs. Weasley snapped. 
“They were starving him, Mum!” said George.
“And you!” said Mrs. Weasley, but it was with a slightly softened expression that she started cutting Harry bread and buttering it for him." (Chamber of Secrets)

I struggled with how to start this design.  I am pretty confident in believing that the dishes at the Burrow are all different.  Lots of different patterns and designs with nothing matching, just like the house itself.  I thought about doing the same on my nails but I didn't want the patterns to distract from the food.  In the end I decided to keep the plates simple with a nice blue, Can't Find My Czechbook.

Using a dotting tool, Sugar Cube and Barielle Lemondrops I added my fried eggs.

I used What Wizardy is This? and a dotting tool to add my sausages.  I was really worried about this element.  There is a fine line between sausages and poop.  

To create the toast I used You're So Vain-Illa, Ice-Bergers & Fries and Primarily Yellow.  Everything was added using a small nail art brush.  

I added my HP accents using Jr31 and Fright Night.

I bet Mrs. Weasley's breakfast was really yummy!  

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