Monday, September 21, 2015

KBShimmer Fall 2015 Swatches and Review

Press Sample

To be honest, nail polish doesn't excite me like it use to.  I use to snatch up every new collection and drool over the ones I couldn't get.  But when it comes to KBShimmer, it is a completely different story!  I love getting the email that tells me a new collection is ready.  I rush over and agonize about which ones I want to sample.  The reason my feelings are different about KBShimmer....they never disappoint!  I can't remember ever finding something wrong with their creations, from mixes to formula.  If you want to buy from a trusted Indie maker KBShimmer is your shop!

So once again, I am excited to share a sampling of the Fall 2015 Collection.  You will want to add these to your inventory!

Such A Vlad-Ass - gorgeous blood-red cream.  Can you see the blue undertones?  Just look at that smooth and flawless formula!  I applied two coats.

Dark and Twisty - black jelly with a fun rainbow glitter mix.  It is so dark and brilliant at the same time!  I applied two coats and was extremely satisfied with the coverage.  You could always start use a black base to deepen the color but it looks perfect on it's own.

Teal It To My Heart - perfect teal cream.  I was worried about staining with this one but didn't notice any.  Teal has never been my friend with removal and I always check.  Fingers-crossed it stays that way because I have been trying to find a teal I can wear.  I applied two coats.

Fig-Get About It - stunning dark purple holo.  I was a little worried with the first coat because it has a thin formula but the worries were unnecessary.  This magnificent holo only needed two coats.

Soul Deep - midnight blue or indigo blue or both!  Doesn't matter I LOVE it!  Of course I couldn't capture the purple in the photos.  All blue lovers MUST have this cream.  Perfect shade for you autumn and winter manicures! It is also super pigmented so I see stamping in its future.  I applied two coats.

Open Toad Shoes - fabulous ugly green with gold, blue, purple and black glitter.  Did I mention to pop of holo shimmer??  Yep it is an ugly beauty!  I applied two coats without a base color and love the look.  You could use a base to deepen the color.  It has a great zombie feel to it, I'm thinking Halloween mani!

You won't be disappointed with any of these amazing lacquers!

The KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection is now available on, and at select salons and retailers.  For sales outside the US visit


  1. Great colors for fall from this collection.

  2. Amazing colors for the nails beauty. Those are great nail polishes. I like Dark and Twisty and Soul Deep the most, but I wish I had them all!


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