Thursday, September 24, 2015

OPI Nail Envy Strength in Color Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Hello Everybody!
Today I have the OPI Nail Envy Strength in Color Collection to share with you.  As a one time loyal user of Nail Envy, I was extremely interested to see these new creations.  The collection contains re-vamped shades, so the names might sound familiar to you.

Bubble Bath - soft, sheer pink.  The formula was a tad thick but as you can see it was still quite sheer.  I like how it seems to hide imperfections and makes my nails look nice and soft.  I applied two coats and it evened out nicely without smearing.

Hawaiian Orchid - soft, dusty mauve.  The pigmentation with this one was quite good.  I applied two coats and had perfect application.  I don't think this color looks very nice with my skin tone but that's me not the formula!

Samoan Sand - soft, camel nude.  Samoan Sand has always been a favorite shade.  I just happen to own an old black label bottle!  I applied two coats and noticed some streaking but not enough that I couldn't wear it.  I applied three coats the next time I wore and still noticed streaks.  With careful application it is wearable in two.  This one was my favorite!

And here is the entire collection.  I didn't swatch the clear one because you would just see shiny nails.  I used Nail Envy for many years before I thought it stopped working.  I think it was all in my head and a combination of other things.  I highly recommend trying it out yourself, if you are looking for a good nail strengthener!

NEW Nail Envy “Strength in Color” ($17.95 US retail, $22.50 CAN retail)


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