Monday, September 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Re-Creation - Bee Polished Blue Week Design

Hello Everyone! Have you missed me?  It seems like forever since I posted.  I went back to work three weeks ago and I've been too tired to post.  Not that I don't have a lot of reviews to post, I just was so tired every night I just vegged.  I am going to try and do better so that I can get these reviews up.  AND I couldn't miss Digit-al Dozen Week!  I haven't missed on yet!

This month we are re-creating past designs by other members.  It took me awhile to narrow it down.  There are just so many amazing designs to pick from!  I am going to post my re-creations in the order of the week they appeared.  My first design comes from the DD's second week, Blue Week.

I knew I had to re-create an early design and when I saw (remembered) this one from Bee Polished I had to re-create it!

I started with two coats of Elderberry.  I do not have the colors that Bee used so I used ones close to them. 

I added my dark blue stripes using a nail art brush and Catrice George Blueney.

Instead of using a white polish, I decided to try acrylic paint for the first time.  I am loving the acrylic but I thought my lines were a tad too thick.  Actually I think I made my blue stripes too thick and that messed it up.  Plus I couldn't remember which way to do my lines!

I love the look that Bee created, the blues and pattern are awesome!  I think my nails are a little smaller than Bee's and it doesn't look as nice.  There are things I would change, specifically the lines, if I did this look again.
Thanks for the inspiration Bee!

Make sure you stop by and see what the other ladies did!


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