Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Pets - Peacock

Time to squeeze in my NCC designs for the month!  I only have two done, so I really am squeezing them in!  This month we are creating designs inspired by pets.  At first I was really excited, I was thinking I would do this entire mythical pets theme.  I didn't like any of the ideas I came up with and it felt like I had done them before.  Blah!  I think this attitude kind of effected my first design.  I had good intentions, it just didn't turn out how I planned.

I decided to go with the peacock.  Of course I have never owned a peacock but I was inspired by the one that randomly visited my sisters house a few years ago.  I only saw it the one time when it walked out in front of my car.  I took a picture of it but I can 't seem to find it.  

I started with a base of Blue Plum. Can you believe this is one coat??

Next, I added two coats of Choose Me!

I added my peacock feathers using Black Taxi and MM14.

The design actually doesn't look that bad in the pictures!  In person, you could barely see the stamping.  That was what disappointed me.  But the colors are gorgeous.


  1. Peacocks are beautiful but makes a lot of noice :) Love your manicure.

  2. So pretty! I just love peacock manis. Where do you find your essence polish at?

  3. very nice color layering and stamping!

  4. You've made very beautiful manicure and it really looks like a peacock! I love the Blue Plum that was on the base, awesome color!

  5. It looks gorgeous! Love the shimmery Essence polish you used.

  6. Beautiful! I have a friend who owns at least 3 grown peacocks (one is an albino) and a bunch of babies!


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