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SunfulColors Back to School Swatches and Review

Press Sample

I realize that we are officially out of the whole Back to School season.  But does that really apply to nail polish??  Don't you still want to see new polish??  That's what I thought!  So how about some swatches from SinfulColors Back to School Collection?!  Some of the shades that were included in this collection are actually from their core line, but there are some new ones that you will want to see.

I even created a fun Back to School design!

Ice Blue - described as a soft, indigo exploding with a silver sparkle.  I thought the shade leaned a little more towards periwinkle.  I applied three coats.  I would add a blue or purple base to deepen the color and lessen the coats.

Pink Break - described as a demi-matte, peachy-pink.  I would call this one dusty rose.  I didn't see the peachy tone.  Also, as you can see in the photo, it did not dry to a demi-matte finish.  It is a pretty color I just don't think it looks that great with my skin tone.  I applied two smooth coats.

V.I.Peach - described as a soft touch pastel yellow.  Am I the only one confused by the name?  This yellow was a disappointment.  I love the color but it was streaky.  I applied three coats in order to achieve a non-streaky finish.  I might have to try a white base.  The shade also dried to a rubber like finish.

Rebel Rose - described as metallic magenta.  Fantastic color!  One of the best formulas.  I applied two coats and the coverage was wonderful.  Very nice formula and shade.

Hazed - described as a subdued violet with a demi-matte finish.  This shade is more jelly-like with a rubber finish.  A very interesting shade but I had to apply three coats.  I would have given it more stars if the coverage was better.

Blue Sensation - described as a lustrous silvery sky blue.  This shade reminded me of a light denim polish.  The coverage was amazing!  I applied two flawless coats.  If you noticed, it dried with a fabulous matte finish.  

Burst of Fresh Flair - described as a pearlescent lemon yellow.  This is a fantastically, bright yellow.  More of a summery shade but who doesn't like a bright color!  This shade was extremely sheer.  I applied three coats and still had noticeable VNL.  Of course you could use a yellow base to lessen the coats and deepen the color.

Late Night Haute - described as a turquoise and gold-flecked 3D glitter.  I decided to layer it over Burst of Fresh Flair to see what the effect would be.  There is a mixture of bar and hex glitter.  I had to use the dab method to get the glitter to stay where I wanted it.  I'm not a huge fan of this glitter but that's my taste not a reflection on the glitter.  

Blackboard - described as a demi-matte chalkboard black.  Another jelly-like formula with more of a rubber finish.  The coverage was not as I would expect with a black.  I had to apply three coats for full coverage.

Whiteboard - described as a chalk white.  They might call it a chalk white but thank goodness the formula isn't chalky.  Another rubber finish.  The formula isn't perfect but it's not bad.  I applied two coats.

Now for my back to school doodles!
I applied my notebook paper lines using Blue Sensation and MoYou London Scholar 05.

I added my doodles using Blackboard, Rebel Rose, V.I.Peach, MoYou London Scholar 05 and MoYou London Princess 09.

I know, after having to apply three coats of the black you would think it wouldn't stamp!  As you can see it is a very light black, just like graphite!  It won't show up on all colors but go ahead and try it out on your light colors! Also you can just notice V.I.Peach in the background on my middle finger.  It was much too light and hard to see the image.  It stamps but is more for color than image.

There are some great shades in this collection and you can never pass up a cheap black and white for nail art!  Great shades for a great price!

$1.99 each at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August & September 2015.

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