Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Autumn - Pumpkins

You can't do Autumn without pumpkins!  This cute little pumpkin-cure is right up my alley!

I started with two coats of You're So Vain-Illa.

I added my pumpkins using a nail art brush and Chop-Sticking to My Story.

I added my stems using Ice-Bergers and Fries and a small nail art brush.

Using the same nail art brush and Christmas Gone Paid I added a leaf to each pumpkin.  Lastly, I used my smallest dotting tool and the same polish to add some dots.

I know my little pumpkins are not perfect but neither are the ones growing in the pumpkin patch!  I think this is adorable!


  1. Ownnn...que gracinha.
    Ficaram lindinhas demais!

    Bjim ...
    blog Usei Hoje

  2. Adorable! The dots really add a lot to it too!

  3. So cute! Gotta have pumpkin nails this time of year :)

  4. Those itty bitty pumpkins are too cute for words!

  5. Cute cute cute!!! I`ll copy this pumpkins nail design for the Halloween night, if you don`t mind! Beautiful nail art design is my passion, hobby, and way to earn money at the same time!


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