Monday, November 16, 2015

Bundle Monster Time Machine XL131 Review

Press Sample

Today I have a review of Bundle Monster's Time Machine XL131 plate.  There are six plates in this collection that came out at the beginning of summer.  This plate has the catchy name "Party Like It's 1869!".  
Here is the design I created with the plate.

Here is the plate.  I love the images on this plate.  Very historical and cool!
 I started with a base of Chanelle.

I added my first layer of images using Channing.  As you can see they transferred beautifully. The image is nice and clear with no issues.

I added a second layer of images using Claudine.  Again, perfect transfer!

The images were etched perfectly on this plate.  I had no issue applying and transferring the image from the plate to my nail.  The pick up was nice and clean and so is the end result.  I would highly recommend this plate, especially if you are a big fan of these images like me.  Best news..all plates are 25% off right now!  Just enter the code PLATES25 at checkout!


  1. So neat to see all these stamping plates coming out from Bundle Monster.

  2. This is the most amazing manicure I have ever seen! I love how simple it is, yet decorative and chic too. I have a party coming up and I am definitely getting a similar manicure.


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