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I love hearing from you!  I do read and appreciate every comment left on my blog.  I find it difficult to keep up with responses so I typically don't respond, unless you have a question. 
If you have a questions about anything on my blog please contact me through any of the following, of course email will get a faster response!

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  2. Hi :) I hope you don't mind me posting here but I am organising a challenge and would love it if you participated. You can complete it entirely at your own pace so it is a nice easy challenge to participate in :)

    For more details you can click here:


  3. I love your blog. I have been trolling it since I stumbled across it when searching for easy to follow nail art instructions.

    I have 2 questions.

    1) What do you do and what products do you use to get your manicure to last the longest? I find that no matter the base or top coat (drugstore or high end), my nails are chipping within the first 2 days. Any tips?

    2) What is the most durable brand of polish that you have used?

    1. Hi whymewhymee!
      Thank you!

      To get my manicure to last longer I use a base coat and top coat. Currently my base coat is Rejuvacote and my most favorite top coat is HK Girl from Glisten and Glow. The way in which polish wears all comes down to the person. The chemistry of her/his nail and what you do with your hands all day. If you sit around and do nothing your manicure will last much longer! :)

      The most durable brand I have used is probably OPI (and some foreign brands which I won't mention seeing that they are hard to get).

      Hope this is helpful! :)

  4. i like your blog and contact me for any health issue


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