Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Day Nails

Tonight I decided to try a free hand design...TURKEY NAILS!!!  This is my Thanksgiving inspiration design.  It did take me a couple days to figure out of to do the turkeys and after some research I decided on the following mani.  I used my dotting tools for the turkey and BM 214 for the stamp.  I wish that the design would have turned out better, my OCD thinks it should be perfect. :)  Overall I am very happy with the results.  The only thing that bothers me is that my feathers look more like leaves.

Base Colors - OPI A-Taupe The Space Needle and OPI Nicole Disco Dolls (This is an awesome glitter that only took 2 coats gof even coverage!)
Dotting and Stamping - China Glaze Velvet Bow, Sinful Colors Unicorn, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sally Hansen Shiny Penny and China Glaze Liquid Leather

Base Coats:

Turkey Feathers and Body:
Finished Mani:


  1. This looks great! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. These are cute! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  4. This Is Adorable!! Happy Thanksgiving =)

  5. Your turkey nails are SO cute! I love them! I did turkey nails for Thanksgiving too. Happy late Thanksgiving :)


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