Monday, January 6, 2014

Essie Lace on the Blazer

I am having the toughest time starting this post!  I was sitting here trying to think of something funny or witty and all I am getting is NOTHING! So how about the weather??? Watch anything interesting??  I am just a big blank!  Let's just get to the nails!

With all those beautiful Essies sitting around last week I decided to try out a simple stamping manicure.  I used The Lace is On, After School Boy Blazer and Mash56.

Completely loving how this turned out!  After School Boy Blazer stamped perfectly and the color combo was brilliant!  I can't stop looking at my nails! 


  1. It looks awesome! great job!:)

  2. What an awesome combination, very cool!

  3. Looks very pretty! I like that its vampy too :)

  4. Great color combo and great stamping. Your lines all came out so well. The Lace is On turned out a bit bright on my fair skin but I am going to have to try it again this time stamping over the top like you did. I love the way this turned out!


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