Monday, April 29, 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Pastels - Plaid Redo

Today's design wasn't planned.  I had a couple ideas of what I wanted to do for my last design for April but when it came to doing it I wasn't feeling it.  I wanted to play around with my nail art pens and then I was really liking the idea of plaid.  If you remember, my very first design for this group was a pastel plaid, today's is the same plaid with some little changes.

For my pastels I used my brand new Catrice Candy Shock polishes!  I was so excited to get this collection and it is all thanks to the fabulous Gin Shivers.  

I am so in love with this collection!  I am just upset that it has been raining and I couldn't get some pictures in the sun!
Index to Pinky - Vanilla Love, I Scream: Ice Cream!, Bring Me Peach and Play it Blue.

I was surprised with the thinness of these polishes.  I ended up applying three coats of each polish.  As you can see, Bring Me Peach and Play it Blue dry to a rubber finish...awesome!  I also think that BMP is the perfect orangesicle color!

Vanilla Love and I Scream: Ice Cream! have a stunning shimmer which would pop in the sun but is difficult to capture indoors.  And just look at that soft yellow of Vanilla Love!

I added my plaid using my BPS Nail Art Pen and my gold Sephora Nail Art Pen.

I decided that my pastels needed some sparkle, so I added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.

I wish all my nail art pens were like the gold one!  It is so easy to use and the perfect opacity!

I do love a nice plaid design and this one turned out great.  I still need to practice with the nail pens, or maybe get some that work the way I want!  I have some very special ones on the way to me....don't worry I'll share!

I have to say that the first month of the new NCC has gone great! I absolutely love the new challenge design and it seems that the other ladies do too!  May's theme is right up my alley and with all the new polishes I have I hope to come up with some awesome designs!


  1. This is sooooo beautiful!! I love it!

  2. Wooooowwwww so beautiful! i love your nails :)

  3. Love, Love, Love!!! I always forget about my pens...I need to use them! Are you getting the Barry M pens?? Crumpet has made those look amazing!

  4. Yay I am so happy you put those pretty candies to good use :)

  5. BEAUTIFIL! That top coat really makes the mani.

  6. Perfect pastels! Andddddd lovely skittlette pastel plaids manicure!

  7. Love love love! And those polishes......bah! Love them too!

  8. I love any pastel polishes!



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